Better Fit

Are you wearing the correct bra size? Are you sure? Perhaps we can suggest some signs that you are in fact not wearing the size you should…you might be surprised with the outcome. If you are continuously adjusting throughout the day, that is definitely a sign that you are wearing the wrong size. But, there are some women who feel that they have gotten their bra to sit properly and manage to not fuss with it all day. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are in the correct size either.

Let me first remind you that no where on your bra should it be cutting in to your body. It should fit comfortable and you should feel support without feeling the need to slump over. If you have purchased a bra and you hook it to the smallest or the middle hook when you first buy it, then you need to go back and try on a different size. The smallest and middle hooks are for those bras that are getting older and the elasticity is starting to wear.

Now that you have your bra on the last hook, note that you should only be able to have a little slack, enough to where you can slide two of your fingers side by side around the bra with ease. You should face the mirror with the side of your body facing the mirror and need to make sure that your bra is horizontal around you. By this, I mean you need to make sure that the back of your bra is not going up. If you find it is going up in the back, try a smaller band size.

Once you have the band size properly fitted, you can work on finding the correct cup size. Best to stick with the cup size you have been wearing and as you have changed the band size to the correct size, now you can figure out if you need a larger or smaller cup size.

Note that you should not see any bulging of your breasts coming out of your cups or any extra bagginess to the cups of your bra. At this point look at the center of your bra, it should be sitting flush against your body. It should not be sitting away from your body, go up a cup size until you find it is sitting properly. You should see no bulging out of the top of the bra. Your bra should be flush leaving clean lines.

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