How to Choose the Best-fitting Push-up Bra to feel Like it Was Made Purely for You?

Contrary to common belief, a push-up bra’s primary purpose is not adding size to your breasts, but rather correcting boobs placement. By saying correcting we mean lifting (or pushing) them up, and this is where the name of this type of bra comes from.

Start with Defining your Exact Size

The process of choosing push-up bra online could be confusing due to inability to try it on and find out whether everything fits. No problem!

You first need to learn how to read the bra sizes charts. There are two key measurements: length of a band and bra cup sizes. Measuring band size is easy with a tape which should be wrapped around the rib cage right under the boobs. Note, that bands are measured in even numbers. Therefore, in case you are having 37 inches – you can try both 36 and 38 sizes of push-up bra (fair for any other type of bra actually). We are talking about straps as they are normally adjustable.

push-up bra size chart

The Most Pleasant Part – Make Your Choice.

After we’ve done all needed measurements and figured out what size and type of push-up bra will fit the best – it’s time to dive into an endless variety of models offered. For starters, check this push-up bras where you can spoil yourself with pretty good discounts! To make long story short – answer these questions:

  • Should your push-up brassiere be more functional by perfecting your boobs placement and holding them tight or should it be more a tempting eye-candy, making your breasts fullest possible?
  • What is the color which appeals most to you? Would it be pastel soft tint or bright splash or colors?
  • Do you like your push-up bra decorated with feminine lace or should cups and band be made of the same texture?
  • Should cups cover your nipples fully or some small flash of nipples is preferred?

To switch from theory to practice – check out this AdoreMe push up paradise and choose the best bra you certainly deserve.

A Little Bit or Warning.

Never underestimate a guide on how to fit a bra. Needless to say, but wrong choice can cause not just uncomfortable sensations but more importantly – harmful effect on your breasts tissue and posture.

Too tight, too small push-up bra causes excessive pressure, slowing down or even restricting blood circulation. Regular and long-term exposure to excessive pressure damages and deforms your breasts.

Bra with Benefits

Modern fashion dictates some preferences whether we want them or not, while full and high-lifted shape of boobs are timelessly iconic.

Since push-up bras were invented, there were no better way to make boobs look the best possible under the clothes. It makes cleavage look divine and incredibly tempting.

Extremely feminine and sexy they suit for any occasion and clothing. Whatever you wear – a push-up bra will help boosting your natural sexiness and woman’s confidence.