How to Measure Bra Size without Measuring Tape

One would think that every woman knows exactly the size of bra she is wearing, but in fact, the vast majority of ladies wear the wrong size of this delicate wardrobe item. Moreover, they are not even aware of it.

If you have found yourself not having a measurement tape and you need to know your exact bra size for ordering brassiere online – here is the guide on the alternative way of making measurements.

You will need:

  • ruler
  • any kind of string, rope or a ribbon
  • non-padding bra and a mirror
Find Your Bra Size
Find Your Bra Size

Use the string or a ribbon by wrapping it around your chest right below your armpits as it is shown in the picture above. Holding the ribbon at the place where both its ends meet after the measurement, compare its length with the ruler and write down the number. Let’s say it’s 32 inches. Then, do the same measurement for your bra sizing by wrapping the ribbon around your chest right at the middle line of your bra (see the picture).
Let’s say you’ve got 35 inches.

Now just distract 35-32 and compare the difference to the size of your cup. Three (3) is equal to “C” cup. You bra size is 32C.

Isn’t it simple? Here  you’ll find a more sophisticated guide on how to measure bra size in order to choose a perfectly fitting bra.

Correct size of a bra is more that just a comfort

Woman’s body constantly changes due to a number of reasons: weight swings, pregnancy, etc. and it’s quite a normal thing. What is not normal and even alarming is that women often don’t take those changes into consideration while buying any types of bra online. Having no opportunity to try them on and check whether bra really fits, women often order overly tight or loose bras.

A seemingly innocent thing may cause a lot of discomfort and even damage.
Find out expert’s review on the potential harm your wrong size bra can cause The more the size of the bra you are wearing is shifted from your correct size, the more you put yourself under the threat.

How a perfect fitting bra should feel and look like

First and foremost rule for choosing any type of bras – after you’ve fastened your bra you should be able to slide two fingers under the band with no effort. This will allow healthy blood circulation throughout the day.
Second – boobs should not fall out of cups but should rather be covered and nicely supported without being tightly pressed.
And finally, make sure your bra does not limit your movements or shifts its position when you raise your arms.