What’s Your Lingerie Type?

Lingerie styles can vary just as bras do. Each one to give a woman a chance to choose a garment that she enjoys. Do you know what your favorite is? Perhaps you have more than one favorite kind. I know I do! And just as we helped you figure out your bra type, we want to help guide you through the different kinds of lingerie.

  • BabyDoll lingerie is a short gown that usually hangs around the hip and has built-in cups.
  • Brasselette is similar to a corset but stops right around the top of the hips. They usually provide lift for the breasts while cinching the waist.
  • Bustiers are usually strapless and fall anywhere from the top of the hips to just below them. Some do come with straps as well, depending on the brand of garment. Some also do not provide the waist cinching like you will find with a brasselette orcorset
  • Corsets can also come with or without straps and offer a waist cinching feature. Usually they end just at or below the hips.
  • Camisoles are a loose fitting top that ends around the waist or hips. This is a garment that has a lot of flexibility being it can be worn just as lingerie, perhaps with a matching pair of panties. Some can also be worn as a shirt or even as a slip for wearing under a shirt.
  • A Chemise is a loose fitting short gown, similar to a BabyDoll, but you won’t find built-in cups.
  • Torsolette is a garment that is similar to a corset. Most come strapless and cover from the breasts to the waist.
  • A Longline is a bra type that includes a partial corset, usually extending to the bottom of the ribcage and sometimes to the hips.
  • Teddiesare a one piece undergarment that connects a sexy top with panties. How they connect can vary from a thin straps to more material. As well as the tops and panties can vary in how they much they reveal as well.
  • Bridal lingerie can vary depending on the the dress you are wearing. Perhaps it is strapless or maybe you would like to wear a bra instead of bustier. View the Bridal Collection to see the different selections to choose with your dress or for the honeymoon.