Lined or Unlined bra? Choose wisely!

It’s not really a question of benefits, but rather a matter of personal preferences in lingerie and clothing. Do you like your underwear to be felt almost like naked? Do your breasts require not much of a support? You are welcome to the unlined lingerie department then. On the other hand, if you are a lucky owner of big breasts you may need a significant support from your bra, which only a lined one can really provide.
The choice of lined or unlined bra depends exactly on the purpose you are wearing the bra for.

Unlined bra

Many styles of bras are united into the unlined type of bras which means a bra made of thin single-layered fabric. Whether it’s a lace or sheer stretchy fabric, it covers breasts without lifting or pushing a bust up. As the cups fabric is almost see-through you should pick your clothes wisely, as the silhouette of the nipple may be poked out and seen under the blouse or a T-shirt.

Unlined bras are definitely for keeping it beautiful, rather than for covering and supporting, and that is why most sensual and sexy bras like balconette, bralette, plunge and sheer brassieres are mainly unlined. Unlined bras feel more natural on skin as the thin fabric does not add an inch to breasts volume.

unlined bra

Unlined bras could have underwire for stronger construction and better shape. Wired unlined bras are recommended for bigger breasts size, while wireless bras are mostly recommended for the small or average size of breasts.

unlined bra

Lined bra

There are an endless variety of lined bras, from push-up to T-shirt and U-plunge bras where cups are made of quite thick, layered fabric with of without padding. The construction of a lined bra implies additional support and therefore lined bras could be paired with any outfit.

The most common types of lined bras are:

  • Push-up bra – a padded bra providing significant support while lifting breasts up for maximum fullness.
    Let’s say if you are wearing a deep neckline dress, you may want your breasts to be pushed up for a tempting voluptuous cleavage. push-up bra
  • Strapless bra – lined bra with no straps on shoulders, where the construction of cups and a band itself are responsible for supportive function. Strapless bra is a perfect choice for no-shoulder tops or low neckline dresses.
  • Full cup bra – is a bra for the bigger size of breasts, where cups are designed and purposed for total covering, shaping and harmonizing the whole silhouette.
    Here you’ll read a great article about proper wearing a full cup bra.
  • Minimizer bra – is a genius invention for lucky big breasted women. A minimizer bra improves the posture and silhouette by covering the whole breasts area tightly. Minimizer provides the most reliable support for cups size from D and bigger. minimizer bra