The guide on maternity and nursing bras

Pregnancy is the period when women significantly outgrow their regular brassieres so the question of choosing the right, comfortable type of a new bra arises. Breasts become bigger and more sensitive for touching so it’s not only about the bigger size of the bra, but also about the more elastic, more protective and more supportive one.

After the baby is born, a woman needs another special type of a bra – a nursing one. Breastfeeding requires an absolute hygiene, comfort and most delicate fabrics when it comes to choosing a bra. And if you are still in doubts whether you will breastfeed your baby or use artificial feeding – read an amazing article about the scientifically proven benefits of natural breastfeeding.

Thus, we assume, you will need both maternity and nursing types of the bra so it’s time to find out about all differences and features of both types in detail.

The guide on maternity and nursing bras

Bras functions

Maternity bra

Maternity bra is designed and purposed to provide a woman with additional support as during pregnancy breasts grow larger constantly. Due to more stretchy cups and wider and stronger straps, maternity bra gives breasts room for growing and prevents breasts sagging.

Nowadays there are hundreds of bra brands offering beautiful, high-quality maternity bras. Take a look at possibly the largest selection of maternity bra designed to bring you an ultimate comfort during your pregnancy period.

Nursing bra

The main function of a nursing bra is providing a woman with a fast and comfortable way for reaching breasts for breastfeeding and for expression of breast milk. Thanks to detachable parts of cups, woman does not need to take off the whole bra to breastfeed the baby. There are few types of nursing bra, like sleep nursing bras, soft-cup nursing bras, tank-top and breast-pumping bra, so you can pick and try on several different models for the whole period of nursing and lactation.

nursing bra

Bras features

Maternity bra

Normally, maternity bra has wider straps and band for an equal distribution of a bigger weight. With such strengthened and widened straps the bra feels more comfortable to wear and even posture gets better.

Also, unlike the regular bra, a maternity one is usually an unlined bra, made of a very stretchy fabric with an extra-smooth inner surface (due to increased sensitivity of nipples during the pregnancy and nursing).

Maternity bra normally does not have an underwire for as much elasticity as possible.

Nursing bra

A nursing bra has special clasps for removing the central part of a cup, so a woman can reach the breast and nipple without a need to release the arm from the strap. This is an extremely convenient concept for making breastfeeding easy and fast. Just like a maternity bra, the nursing bra should also be a slightly loose to have a room for breasts becoming larger or smaller depending on the breastfeeding cycle.

Nursing bra could have an underwire for better breasts support.

Read here about all features of the Number One nursing bra in the USA according to “Moms Pick Award”.

Maternity and Nursing Bras main differences

Many women prefer buying only the nursing bra for both pregnancy and nursing periods, pointing that there are no differences between them. Although both types of bra provide additional support through the wider straps and more stretchy fabric, there still is a difference and an essential one.

Maternity bra does not have an underwire as its purpose is to let the breasts grow freely with maximum comfort. It is usually a seamless, unlined stretchy bra with the full coverage cups.

Nursing bra often does have a wire to provide breasts with an increased support as breasts start sagging during and (especially) after the nursing period. The wire also helps keep breasts in correct, slightly lifted up position.

Still, the main difference is that a nursing bra has removable (detachable) cups for easy and comfortable breastfeeding. Along with that, nursing bras often have a removable set of pads to absorb oozing milk inside the bra. That “little” thing makes a huge favor to a lactating woman’s confidence, as oozing milk makes a real problem for women appearing on public.

The most popular brands of maternity and nursing bras

According to the consumer reports, the most popular and best-selling maternity bra brands are:

  • Bravado. This is a Toronto based lingerie company with largest collections of maternity and nursing bras
    and tanks.
  • Elomi. A European lingerie brand with the whole assortment of lingerie types, including nursing and
    maternity bras.
  • Leading Lady is a worldwide-known company with a specification on full-figure and nursing apparel