Find out what the color of your bra secretly says about your personality!

Whether you realize it or not, but your choice of the underwear color reflects certain sides or your personality, character, and temper. Aside from choosing a specific color which is purposed to match an outfit, your subconscious preferences of colors reveal the deep you. Want to know more about yourself? Then tell, what color you prefer wearing on daily basis? The thing is, even if it seems that a color is chosen randomly, it still is your sub consciousness talking through it. Let’s take a closer look:

White and Cream Lingerie

You are pure romantic and a woman of values. Your inner innocence will be brought throughout entire life, no matter what your age is.

You definitely are that “dream lady” which loves classic style and elegance in everything, while you can allow some craziness once in a while.

White and cream color says you are tender and attentive to others; still, you have a strong spirit. Surprisingly, the most powerful women of this world prefer exactly the white color of lingerie and underwear; while many mistakenly think that it’s a black color what symbolize strong spirit. Maybe for men it’s true, but for women white color means true inner power. Who could ever think, right? Choose your powerful and pure white bra here.

Bright red and Wine red Lingerie

The red color is a truly powerful one in terms of its effect on opposite sex. Red is passion, red is love spirit and intimate fire. Yes, you are a temptress. But when it comes to a character, red reveals a charisma of its owner.

Bright red and Wine red lingerie

Red bra is worn by the lady who is totally confident in herself and in her influence. If you prefer wearing red underwear you are a natural born leader, whether you realize it or not.

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Wine red implies that you are sophisticated in many things. You are sophisticated lover, wise woman, and quite a psychologist. It also means that you are sooner introverted rather than extroverted. Did you recognize yourself?

Yellow and Orange Lingerie

Well, girl, you are all about fun and taking it all from life! It’s quite rare that someone genuinely prefers the yellow and orange color of underwear, so you are definitely a rare breed!

Psychologists say people like you are honest, sometimes too honest. They tend to take everything easy and often “too easy” so this makes others think “yellows” are a little bit inadequate. But secretly they envy your vivacity and ability to enjoy every moment of life.

Orange lingerie is even more rare than yellow so experts say you must be a very creative and artistic person, a certain type of genius with a very special mindset. Hey, orange, you are a mystery!

Black Lingerie

Black is worn by very confident ladies who know everything about themselves. They are magnets and they are true “power plants” in terms of making people do what they want.

They often take initiative in intimate interactions. “Blacks” are anything but shy. They are natural born winners and they often win before the game starts. One glance, one move, one smile and all around are conquered.

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Nude and Beige color Lingerie

Pastel, muted, nude colors is all about woman’s soft side and an utmost femininity. You definitely enjoy being a woman, thus class, elegance and honor mean a lot for you.

Nature itself speaks through you, where your feminine energy stays pure, without a hint of masculinity.

Such women are the best wives which men can dream about, they never compete with men as such women play only on the pure womanish territory. And they always win.

They are often quiet and speak calmly, but there is an immeasurable strength in this softness. “Beige and Nude color” women are hypnotic for men. They are cherished, they are admired and they are always desired.

Pink Lingerie

Ahh, pink girlish flower, your youthful spirit shines wherever you go. Tender, gentle, hopelessly romantic you – is always in a center of attention (while you may not even want it).

You love to be cared about and to care of, you are very compassionate and feelings rule your life. The famous saying “Everything in woman is a heart, even the brain” is exactly about you.

You definitely are an easy going person with your head full of plans. Daydreamer in its best.

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Gold Lingerie

Well, you definitely love attention and you know you are worth it! Gold lingerie is a thing, not every woman has in her drawer. Gold underwear makes a statement and it means you feel a need to express yourself.

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Gold color says you value quality and luxury in everything, including lingerie. That also means you value and accept only real people, real relationship and you’ll recognize something fake in a blink of an eye.

Multicolor Lingerie

Multicolor underwear is often preferred by young creative ladies who are passionate about life and curious beyond imagination. Psychologists say multicolor underwear is chosen by the girls who have so much to tell to this world that words are not enough. They create, they imagine, they bring fantasies into life.

Men are never bored with such a lady, and she is always welcome to any party, company, community. She is a storyteller, living in own, five-dimensional world. She is one in a million!